Doctoral consortium student papers and posters
Decision-theoretic Approximations for Machine Learning
Ehsan Abbasnejad

Managing Qualitative Preferences and Constraints in a Dynamic Environment
Eisa Alanazi

Towards a deeper understanding of nonmonotonic reasoning with degrees
Marjon Blondeel

Negotiation Algorithms for Large Agreement Spaces
Dave De Jonge

High-level Program Execution in Multi-agent Settings
Liangda Fang

Using Domain Knowledge to Systematically Guide Feature Selection
William Groves

Improving the Performance of Recommender Systems by Alleviating the Data Sparsity and Cold Start Problems
Guibing Guo

Strategic interactions among agents with bounded rationality
Pablo Hernandez-Leal

Problem Transformations and Algorithm Selection for CSPs
Barry Hurley

Dynamic of argumentation frameworks
Jean-Guy Mailly

Approximation Algorithms for Max-Sum-Product
Denis Maua

Semi-supervised structuring of complex data
Marian-Andrei Rizoiu

Market Equilibrium-based Mechanism for Dynamic Task Allocation*
Sofia Amador

Formal Concept Analysis and Graph Pattern Structures*
Aleksey Buzmakov

A Bayesian Model for the Analysis of Service Workflow Messages*
Damian Clarke

Aggregating Conditionally Lexicographic Preferences Using Answer Set Programming Solvers*
Xudong Liu

Business Process Regulatory Compliance: Complexity Analysis*
Silvano Colombo Tosa

Capabilities in Heterogeneous Multi Robot Systems
Jennifer Buehler

Trust Modeling for Opinion Evaluation by Coping with Subjectivity and Dishonesty
Hui Fang

Rolling Dispersion and Exploration for Robot Teams
Elizabeth Jensen

Towards the Design of Robust Trust and Reputation Systems
Siwei Jiang

Maintaining Soft Arc Consistencies in BnB-ADOPT+ During Search
Ka Man Lei

Concept generation in language evolution
Martha Lewis

Normative Conflict Detection and Resolution in Cooperating Institutions
Tingting Li

Building Collaborative Strategies via Imitation
Saleha Raza

Object Recognition based on Visual Grammars and Bayesian Networks
Elias Ruiz

Adapting Surface Sketch Recognition Techniques for Surfaceless Sketches
Paul Taele

Ontology Based Query Answering with Existential Rules
Michaƫl Thomazo

Behavior Composition Optimization
Nitin Yadav

Incorporating Expert Judgement into Bayesian Network Machine Learning
Yun Zhou

Arbitration and Stability in Cooperative Games in Overlapping Coalitions
Yair Zick

Text and Speech Word Sense Disambiguation for Under-resourced Languages Towards the Improvement of Machine Translation*
Mohammad Nasiruddin

Distributed Constraint Optimization for Teams of Mobile Agents*
Harel Yedidsion

* Poster only