Saturday, August 3rd, morning
TA1: Knowledge representation for game theory 
Tutorialists: Michael Wooldridge
TA2: AI-Driven Analytics In Traffic Management 
Tutorialists: Biplav Srivastava and Akshat Kumar
TA3: Formal Concept Analysis and Beyond 
Tutorialists: Sergei O. Kuznetsov and Amedeo Napoli
TA4: Belief Revision: From 1985 to 2013 
Tutorialists: Eduardo Fermé
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Saturday, August 3rd, afternoon
TB1: SAT in AI: high performance search methods with applications 
Tutorialists: Jussi Rintanen
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TB2: Human-Machine-Nature Symbiosis 
Tutorialists: Hai Zhuge
TB3: Formal Methods for Event Processing (Tutorial Cancelled) 
Tutorialists: Alexander Artikis, Opher Etzion
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TB4: Endowing Machines with WebSense 
Tutorialists: Loizos Michael
Sunday, August 4th, morning
TC1: Advances in Algorithm Selection and Configuration for Constraint Solving and Satisfiability 
Tutorialists: Lars Kotthoff, Yuri Malitksy and Barry O’Sullivan
TC2: Behavior Informatics: Modeling, Analysis and Mining of Complex Behaviors 
Tutorialists: Longbing Cao, Philip S Yu, Can Wang
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TC3: Answer Set Solving in Practice 
Tutorialists: Martin Gebser, Torsten Schaub
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TC4: Computational Social Choice 
Tutorialists: Lirong Xia
Sunday, August 4th, afternoon
TD1: Programming by Optimization: A Practical Paradigm for Computer-Aided Algorithm Design 
Tutorialists: Holger Hoos, Frank Hutter, Kevin Leyton-Brown
TD2: Transfer Learning with Applications 
Tutorialists: Dr. Sinno Jialin Pan, Prof. Qiang Yang & Dr. Wei Fan
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TD3: Recommender Systems 
Tutorialists: Dietmar Jannach and Gerhard Friedrich
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TD4: Constraint processing and Probabilistic reasoning from a Graphical Models Perspective 
Tutorialists: Rina Dechter
Monday, August 5th, morning
TE1: Bayesian networks with imprecise probabilities: theory and applications to knowledge-based systems and classification 
Tutorialists: Alessandro Antonucci, Giorgio Corani, Denis Mauà
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TE2: Large-scale Non-linear Classification: Algorithms and Evaluations 
Tutorialists: ZhuangWang
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TE3: Structural Decomposition Methods and Islands of Tractability for NP-hard Problems 
Tutorialists: Georg Gottlob, Gianluigi Greco & Francesco Scarcello
TE4: Topics in Computational Sustainability 
Tutorialists: Carla Gomes + others
Monday, August 5th, afternoon
TF1: An Introduction on Evolutionary Optimization: Recent Theoretical and Practical Advances 
Tutorialists: Yang Yu, Ke Tang, Xin Yao, Zhi-Hua Zhou
TF2: A Tutorial on Optimal Algorithms for Learning Bayesian Networks 
Tutorialists: James Cussens, Brandon Malone, Changhe Yuan
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TF3: AI Planning: Reasoning with Transition Systems 
Tutorialists: Jussi Rintanen
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TF4: Sentiment Mining from User Generated Content 
Tutorialists: Ronen Feldman
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